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Our Favorite Screen Free Activity To Do At Home (that is free!)

Raising kids in our modern world means battling screen time all day long. Technology is the biggest double edged sword of our lifetime, I feel certain.

Keeping my kids engaged in activities that don’t release as much dopamine as Youtube Kids is a challenge. You feel the same way, I’m sure.

Like many parents, you’ve bought endless toys, games, and whatever else you can think of to excite your kids but most of those toys sit in toy boxes or the backs of closets, unplayed with, eventually ending up in Goodwill boxes in the back of your SUV. Right?

The Best Screen Free Activity Is…

Well, I have a solution for you that just might work


I know what you’re thinking. I can feel the eye roll from here. Just trust me!

When it comes to kids, a basic coloring book isn’t going to cut it. I know this because I have a collection of coloring books in my craft closet that rivals any church nursery.

With kids, you have to create the allusion that they’re getting something new and exciting but only you know the truth. 😉

My secret weapon for coloring is…free printable coloring sheets.

Not coloring books, coloring pads, activity books, sticker books, or mess free color wonder pages.

Simply, printed-at-home coloring sheets rock my kids’ world!

The appeal comes from the endless possibilities that are on the internet. I have one child who loves Squishmallows and LOL Dolls and there are coloring sheets for that.

One child loves weed whackers and lawn mowers and yep, there are coloring sheets for that too.

My second oldest child is in a superhero villain phase and the amount of coloring sheets for that category are nearly endless.

Free Coloring Sheets For A Screen Free Activity

We know coloring can be a stress reliever, a way to calm our minds, and reset our nervous system. The surge in popularity of adult coloring books can attest to that fact.

If my kids are bickering, spent too much time on their devices, or are being a little extra, all I have to do is offer a coloring sheet and they immediately snap to.

A few reasons I love printing coloring sheets at home are:

  1. There is a wide variety of what’s available. Kids can really use their imagination and unique interests to find a page that interests them.
  2. They cost next to nothing to print and you’re supporting a blogger’s website. If you have a printer at home, you’re set.
  3. Kids get a glimpse into how to look something up on the internet. I also let my kids use the mouse to practice scrolling and selecting their coloring sheet.
  4. I can do it from my phone, tablet, and computer.
  5. Less waste and bulk than coloring books.

How We Get Free Coloring Pages Online

We have a few of our favorite free coloring sheet websites bookmarked on our web browser that our kids LOVE to choose a page from.

Best Websites For FREE Coloring Sheets

If your kids enjoy coloring too, try this secret weapon next time you’re looking for a fun, free, screen free activity!